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Rights of the People
Citizens of a Founded Republican Government, Working Towards Retaining Our Great Nation. Rights of the People

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   Study our ForeFather's Freedom Documents in depth. Know and understand your rights in detail. More
Declaration of Independence
   The thirteen States set forth a decree to set them free from the taxation and burdens of British Government. More
Articles of Confederation
   Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union between the states. Agreed to by Congress 15 November 1777 In force after ratification by Maryland, 1 March 1781. More
Anti & Federalist Papers
   Both the Federalist (85 documents) & Anti-Federalist (85 documents) Papers. A study in the debate of the People in the days of the drafting of our Constitution. No serious student of the Constitution can be without both sides of the story. The 170 documents of the Federalist & AntiFederalist Papers are a must read. More
Constitution of the United States
   Quite possibly one of the greatest documents ever written to govern a Nation. More
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   The Constitution of the United States, an In Depth Study of Its Sources and Its Application. More
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   The 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights tells the government what they must never do! More
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Firearms Handling Safety
   These Documents set forth what every Responsible Citizen must teach their Children!. More

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Citizenship Educational Studies
“Our Founders believed the study of history and citizenship should be at the core of every American’s education. To be an American is not just a matter of blood or birth; we are bound by ideals, and our children must know those ideals.” --President George W. Bush
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"199 Things People Should Know"

Right to Keep and Bear Arms
 Citizenship- Yesterday’s Citizen, Today’s Resident - is just WRONG
A Constitutional Guaranteed Right
This Section is not just for kids only, it seems many adults need a refresher course in Citizenship.
Learn it, Love it, Live it, Defend and Retain it . . . Preserve Our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
   Republics and Democracies   Republics and Democracies
By Robert Welch who founded The John Birch Society and led it until just prior to his death. This essay was first delivered as a speech at a Constitution Day luncheon in Chicago, on September 17, 1961. The principles he espoused in that speech are timeless. The American Republic will endure only so long as those principles are sufficiently understood by each succeeding generation of Americans.
   Rights, Authority and Power   Rights, Authority and Power
An Essay on Rights, Authority and Power: I submit to you that all the bodies of legislature of the world cannot legitimately obtain from anyone on this earth, rights, authority or powers that those people in the first instance do not possess in order that they be conveyed. If this major premise is correct, an undisputable fact and true, then the only means by which anyone can be deprived of their natural right to the protection of their life, liberty and property, is by the use of force, or in the alternative the ignorance of the people and their desire to believe the lie for whatever selfish reasons they might have.
   How Tyranny Came to America   How Tyranny Came to America
by Joseph Sobran: The modern American educational system no longer teaches us the political language of our ancestors. In fact our schooling helps widen the gulf of time between our ancestors and ourselves, because much of what we are taught in the name of civics, political science, or American history is really modern liberal propaganda. Taken seriously, the Constitution would pose a serious threat to our current form of government. And for just that reason, the ruling parties will be finished as soon as the American People rediscover and awaken their dormant Constitution.
   Political Disobedience   Political Disobedience
By Charleston Heston - President of the NRA: An insidious form of dishonesty and false thinking is permeating our culture. In politics, in the press, in every institution of the American experience, lies are being accepted as the legitimate currency of debate. You simply... disobey. Peaceably, yes. Respectfully, of course. Nonviolently, absolutely. But when told how to think or what to say or how to behave, we don't. We disobey social protocol that stifles and stigmatizes personal freedom. I urge you to follow in the hallowed footsteps of the great disobediences of history that freed exiles, founded religions, defeated tyrants, and yes, in the hands of an aroused rabble in arms and a few great men, by God's grace, built this country.
   Fully Informed Jury   Fully Informed Jury
by Fully Informed Jury Association: Judges rarely “fully inform” jurors of their rights, especially their power to judge the law itself and to vote on the verdict according to conscience. The Nation’s Founders understood that trials by juries of ordinary citizens, fully informed of their powers as jurors, would confine the government to its proper role as the servant, not the master, of the people.
   Quiz Menus - Test Your Knowledge   Quiz Menus - Test Your Knowledge
Nothing Trivial about this Pursuit, but just as fun. Quizzes on American History, Government and Common Law. Adults vs Kids? Try your hand at history, fun for the whole family. Challenge your neighbors too!
   Home Schooling Resources   Home Schooling Resources
Here are some Home Schooling Resources that could prove to be helpful in planning proper home schooling. All it takes is a true desire to learn and teach your children well. This is not happening in government controlled and administrated schools at all.
   Citizenship   What every Responsible Citizen must teach their Children!
Includes Firearm Handling Safety, Citizen Weapons Types and Nomenclature.
All Gun Owners and Especially Parents have a Civic Duty and Responsibility regarding the Safety Of Our Society! I cannot stress this point enough.
It is the Gun Owner’s Responsibility to be certain that children and persons
unfamiliar with firearms cannot gain access to firearms or ammunition!

Teach Your Children Safe.  Teach Your Children Truth.  Teach Your Children Well.


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Rights Of The People
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