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Owners Manual
By: Bill Nees
How many of us have had a machine that breaks down so many times that we get tired of repairing it? What do we do with it? We lay it aside, drive to the store, and buy another one like it. We bring it home and take it out of the crate; now the future has been added to this new machine, we will call the future Bells and Whistles. The newer machine does more than the older one did. We open it up and take it out of the crate and inside the crate, there is a little book called an Owner’s Manual. What do we do with it? Most of us lay it aside and some throw it away.
Six months later a friend comes over see’s your new machine and says, "I didn't know you bought a new machine" and you reply "Yeah I bought it about six months ago". "The friend will say I bought the same model did you know it would do this"? "No man I didn't know it would do that". "Let me show you something". The friend will walk over to the machine, press the button, twist the knob, turn the crank, and show you something about the machine you did not know. In reality, that is called In Home Schooling.
Or maybe you’re just sitting there on a boring day, the wife has gone downtown, there's nothing on TV, and you don't feel like listening to music, you’re mad at the world 'cause you couldn't go fishing. You look over there at the Owner’s Manual, and you pick it up and start thumbing through it. Now most of it you know, but all of a sudden a paragraph jumps off the page at you and just slaps you right in the mind and your mind will say "Huh, I didn't know my machine would do this". Well it is at that point that self-education gets involved and you start re-reading that paragraph.
We get the paragraph looking like English, Greek, or Spanish whatever language we understand get up out of your chair, walk over to the machine, press the button, twist the knob and turn the crank and the machine does what the book it says it's gonna' do. We play with it for a few minutes, and shut it down and walk back to our chair, sit down and scratch our head and say, "Well I'll be a son-of-a-gun, I got myself a better machine than I thought I had".
This brings us to this point in time 235 years ago; there were 56 assemblers, they worked in a factory, the name of that factory was Liberty Hall. They built the machine. They named it The United States of America. They wrote an Owner’s Manual to it and called it The Constitution of The United States of America. Laid it up on a shelf called the Library for the owners of the machine and any new buyers, such as future generations and foreigners who buy the machine could have an Owner’s Manual to learn how to operate it. But how many of us with jealousy, hatred and animosity in our hearts, minds and souls can't see the forest for looking at the trees, will read Louis Lamour "Budweiser Cans and Fish Hooks", and then complain about how the great machine is running?

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