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"They that can give up liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin
Are We Protecting Our Children Or Teachers?
Our public schools have regulations that no guns, drugs or other weapons are allowed in school, and blindly enforce these zero-tolerance rules. Are these rules to protect the children, that are required by law to attend?
I read in the news paper where an eight year old child was suspended from public school for allegedly pointing a piece of food ( a chicken strip ) at a teacher and saying pow, pow, pow. Under one of the regulations, our educated school officials, must have felt it covered such a blatant form of criminal activity, perpetrated by this eight year old child, and decided that the child should be suspended and given a criminal record for his criminal behavior. Yes the child is now part of our nations growing list of juvenal offenders without the protection of anyone.
If you think the law enforcement people will care you are sadly mistaken, after all it is what gives them a job, to punish and enforce.
Where are the child’s rights being protected? No intent to commit a criminal act occurred, no person was injured in any way by the act. Did the child intend great bodily harm, or to convey a terrorist threat? I think not. Did the teacher fear for their life? If so why? Where is the child’s due process? Punishment first then check to see if any laws were broken.
We hear about all the bad children in public schools, but we don’t seem to want to know about the bad teachers and administrators that don’t care about the children in their schools. Millions of dollars are spent by the media and government telling us how bad the children are in public schools, and why we need to spend more money to protect our children. I don’t hear much about the bad teachers that are given license and protected by laws of tenure and their union lawyers. And please don’t tell me that there are not many bad teachers and administrators in the systems.
Just remember back when you ( yes YOU ) were in school. Do you remember the kid that got harassed by other students? Did any teachers harass them or call them names too? Or did they just look the other way? They sure didn’t stop it. Can you remember just one time a student was right and the teacher was wrong, but the student was still punished anyway?
I remember a sixth grade student being tied in a chair with his mouth taped shut, with masking tape, in the back of the class by the teacher and left there during recess, crying because the tape had started a chemical burn on the students face . This teacher was reprimanded but not punished for his criminal act against a defenseless child.
I remember another teacher that would use the name “Oatmeal” to refer to a teenager during roll call and through out the day, the student had a very bad case of acne and could not do any thing about it because they were low income. The whole school administration knew and apparently supported this harassment, because when the student went on a field trip he was forced to sit in the door well beside the bus driver, ( no other student or staff member shared a seat with him ). Yes, the school bus had a very bad accident, the law that no student shall be forward of the white line while the bus is in motion, was not observed by the driver or the staff on the bus.
“Oatmeal” suffered a broken leg and other serious and painful injuries, because he was trapped in the door well when the bus turned over on him. One teacher that was also injured and partly responsible for the students safety is still a teacher and still at the same school with tenure. If a parent lets an infant or small child ride in a car without the child in a car seat, they can be fined or jailed for child endangerment. What about the teachers engagement of children every day in public schools?
Yes the staff at some public schools would rather hide or ignore an infraction by a teacher or staff member, than to hold the individual accountable for their actions. That would take money and make more work for themselves, and is an embarrassment for the school. There by violating the students rights with intent. Money is the motivating factor in most public schools, if a student does not attend for a day then the school loses MONEY. Some schools get money from the federal government to put armed cops in the school to “protect” the children. Do they get more money if they have problem children? Like an eight year old child that threatens someone?
How much is the eight year olds rights worth to you or your school?  "Of the People, By the People, For the People"
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