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The Constitution of the United States
Its Sources and Its Application

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"Scene at the Signing of the Constitution."
By Howard Chandler Christy

The Letter of Transmittal to the States

In Convention, Monday, Sept 7th, 1787
The States of

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Mr. Hamilton from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Resolved, That the preceding Constitution be laid before the united States in Congress assembled, and that it is the opinion of this Convention, that it afterwards be submitted to a Convention of Delegates, chosen in each State by the People thereof, under the Recommendation of its Legislature, for their Assent and Ratification; and that such Convention assenting to, and verifying the Same, should give Notice thereof, to the United States in Congress assembled.

Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Convention, that as soon as the Conventions of nine States shall have ratified this Constitution, the United States in Congress assembled should fix a Day on which Electors shall be appointed by the States which shall have ratified the same, and a day on which the Electors should assemble to vote for the President, and the Time and Place for commencing Proceedings under this Constitution. That after such Publication the Electors should be appointed, and the Senators and Representatives elected. That the Electors should meet on the Day fixed for the Election of the President, and should transmit these Votes, certified, signed, sealed, and delivered, as the Constitution requires, to the Secretary of the United States in Congress assembled, that the Senators and Representatives should convene at the Time and Place assigned; that the Senators should appoint a President of the Senate, for the end Purpose of receiving, opening and counting the Votes for President; and after he shall be chosen, the Congress, together with the President, should, without Delay, proceed to execute this Constitution.

W Jackson Secretary

By the unanimous Votes of the Convention

G Washington Presidt

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