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The TONA Research Committee

The TONA Research Committee is a group of ordinary, concerned American citizens who happened to stumble on a bit of interesting historical data, and as time has gone on, have banded together with an indefatigable sense of curiousity and duty, have expended a very great amount of time and no little amount of personal funds to ferret out the history of the 13th Titles of Nobility and Honour Article of Amendment to the Constitution For The United States.

We have dedicated this work of years to our fellow Sovereign Citizens of this great Republic. We invite you to join with us: The TONA Research Committee.

  Suzanne Nevling
Early Virginia Legislation
Archival Research
  Alan Nevling
Archival Research
  Richard Green
Early 19th Century American History Research
  Bob Hardison
Webmaster and Research
New Mexico
  Brian March
New Mexico
  David Dodge
Co-discoverer of the Original 13th Amendment in 1983
  Thomas Dunn
Co-discoverer of the Original 13th Amendment in 1983

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