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Rights of the People
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   Preamble: The people hold the power:
"We the People . . . in order to form a more perfect union, . . . and secure the blessings of liberty . . ."
  • 1. Legislative powers.
  • 2. House of representatives; qualifications of members; appointment of representatives and direct taxes; census; first appointment; vacancies; officers of the house; impeachments.
  • 3. Senate, classification of senators; qualifications of; vice president to preside; other officers; trial of impeachments.
  • 4. Election of members of congress; time assembling of congress.
  • 5. Powers of each house; punishment for disorderly Behaviour; journal; adjournments.
  • 6. Compensation and privileges; disabilities of members.
  • 7. Revenue bills; passage and approval of bills; orders and resolutions.
  • 8. General powers of congress; borrowing money; regulating commerce; naturalization and bankruptcy; money; weights and measures; counterfeiting; post offices; patents and copyrights; inferior courts; piracies and felonies; war; marque and reprisal; armies; navy; land and naval forces; calling the militia; District of Columbia; to enact laws necessary to enforce the Constitution.
  • 9. Limitations of congress; migration; writ; of habeas corpus; bills of attainder and ex post facto laws prohibited; direct taxes; exports not to be taxed; interstate shipping; drawing money from the treasury; financial statements to be published; titles of nobility and favors from foreign powers prohibited.
  • 10. Limitations of the individual States; no treaties; letters of marque and reprisal; no coining of money; bills of credit; not allowed to make any Thing but gold and silver Coin for payment of debts; no bills of attainder; ex post facto Law or law impairing the obligation of contracts; no title of nobility; State imposts and duties; further restrictions on State powers.
  • 1. Executive powers; electors; qualifications, vacancy, compensation and Oath of the president.
  • 2. Powers and duties of the president; making of treaties; powers of appointments.
  • 3. Other powers and duties.
  • 4. All government officers are liable to impeachment.
  • 1. Judicial powers; all judges must have good Behaviour to stay in office; compensation not to be diminished.
  • 2. Jurisdiction of federal courts and supreme court; trials for crime by jury except impeachment.
  • 3. Treason defined; trial for and punishment.
  • 1. Message to the States; each State is to give full faith and credit to public acts and records of other States.
  • 2. Citizens of each State shall be entitled; fleeing from justice.
  • 3. Admission of new States; power of congress over territories.
  • 4. Republican form of government guaranteed to every State; protection from invasion or domestic violence.
  • 1. Amending the Constitution.
  • 1. National obligations; Public debt; Constitution to be the supreme Law of the land; Constitutional Oath of office; no religious test required.
  • 1. Ratification of the Constitution; George Washington signs Twelfhindi, the highest ranking Saxon government, eg. He was equal of 1200 King Georges, or you as a juror are equal to 1200 presidents, congressmen or judges, local, federal or of the supreme Court.

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Rights Of The People
"We will be Ever Vigilant in the defense of our Republic, Constitution and Ideals set forth by our Country's Founding Fathers through Education, Knowledge and Wisdom guided by Liberty, Honesty and Equality so help us God."  "Of the People, By the People, For the People"
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