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Rights of the People
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   U.S. Government for Kids, learning tools for K-12 students, parents, and teachers. These resources teach how our government works. Teach your Children Well, Youth are Our Leaders of Tomorrow!
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   What the current Gun Grabbers are up to. Is it Gun Control; or just Control they want?
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   Study our ForeFather's Freedom Documents in depth. Know and understand your rights in detail. More
Declaration of Independence
   The thirteen States set forth a decree to set them free from the taxation and burdens of British Government. More
Articles of Confederation
   Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union between the states. Agreed to by Congress 15 November 1777 In force after ratification by Maryland, 1 March 1781. More
Anti & Federalist Papers
   Both the Federalist (85 documents) & Anti-Federalist (85 documents) Papers. A study in the debate of the People in the days of the drafting of our Constitution. No serious student of the Constitution can be without both sides of the story. The 170 documents of the Federalist & AntiFederalist Papers are a must read. More
Constitution of the United States
   Quite possibly one of the greatest documents ever written to govern a Nation. More
Constitution In Depth Study
   The Constitution of the United States, an In Depth Study of Its Sources and Its Application. More
Bill of Rights
   The 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights tells the government what they must never do! More
Pledge of Allegiance
   Our Flag of the United States, It's History and Meaning. More
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   Highlights of Our American Heritage. Got 30 minutes? Find out who you really are as an American Citizen! More
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   Study Resources for the events of Early American & World History. More
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Firearms Handling Safety
   These Documents set forth what every Responsible Citizen must teach their Children!. More

Rights Of The People, Amazon Books

Our Constitutional Right
"To Keep And Bear Arms"
Amendment II - Bill of Rights, Ratified by the People in 1791
   A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
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Subject: Lewis & Clark Air Rifle, Maybe one of the world's most important "firearms"?
Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

 - A Constitutional Guaranteed Right
A Constitutional Guaranteed Right
   Right to Keep and Bear Arms, A Constitutional Guaranteed Right, Handgun Control Inc., Gun Grabbers   Gun Control vs Gun Owners Articles
   The gun-banners' arguments against armed self-defense are so weak as to be caricatures of lunacy. True Stories Of Armed Self-Defense, the Media's Intentional Bias Against Guns, Gun Control Can Be Deadly, other interesting factual articles in this 8 Section, 30 Page Feature.
Handgun Control Inc.

Handgun Control Inc.

 - Gun Grabbing Elitist White Supremists
Gun Grabbing Elitist White Supremists
   Handgun Control Inc., Gun Grabbers   Handgun Control Inc. . . . the Lies and Deceptions
   Handgun Control, Inc., the Violence Policy Center, and the major news media say they don’t want to ban all guns, just the bad ones that criminals use. What's wrong with that? What's wrong is that it’s a lie.
   A Nation of Cowards, who will defend Your Life?   "A Nation of Cowards" . . . who will defend Your Life?
   Although difficult for modern man to fathom, it was once widely believed that life was a gift from God, that to not defend that life when offered violence was to hold God’s gift in contempt, to be a coward and to breach one’s duty to one’s community. A sermon given in Philadelphia in 1747 unequivocally equated the failure to defend oneself with suicide: He that suffers his life to be taken from him by one that hath no authority for that purpose, when he might preserve it by defense, incurs the Guilt of self murder since God hath enjoined him to seek the continuance of his life, and Nature itself teaches every creature to defend itself.
   The Positive Side of Guns   The Positive Side of Guns
   True Stories Of Intended Victims Who Defended Themselves With A Firearm.


 - The Citizen Militia Movement, Yesterday and Today
The Citizen Militia Movement, Yesterday and Today
   The Citizen Militia Movement, Yesterday and Today   The Citizen Militia Movement, Yesterday and Today
   The true purpose of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is to preserve the concept of the citizen militia, an armed citizenry willing and able to defend its rights against enemies foreign and domestic. Interesting Early American Militia articles in this 24 Page Feature.
Second Amendment

Second Amendment

 - Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms
   The Second Amendment America’s First Freedom   The Second Amendment America’s First Freedom
   The Second Amendment is, in order of importance, the First Amendment. It is America’s First Freedom, the one right that protects all the others. Among freedom of speech, of the press, of religion, of assembly, of redress of grievances, it is the first among equals. It alone offers the absolute capacity to live without fear. The right to keep and bear arms is the one right that allows "rights" to exist at all.
   Second Amendment Speech   Second Amendment Speech
"In Defense of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States"
   Original Intent of the Second Amendment   Original Intent of the Second Amendment
   "Why the legal profession can't be trusted with history"
   Gun Control or Extermination?   Gun Control or Extermination?
   Do you think that because you may not own a gun,
the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment don't matter?
Handgun & Firearms Safety

Handgun & Firearms Safety

 - Basic Rules of Safe Firearms Handling
Basic Rules of
Safe Firearms Handling
   Gun Owner’s Responsibility, Firearms Handling Safety   What every Responsible Citizen must teach their Children!
   Includes Firearm Handling Safety, Citizen Weapons Types and Nomenclature.
   All Gun Owners and Especially Parents have a Civic Duty and Responsibility regarding the Safety Of Our Society! I cannot stress this point enough.
It is the Gun Owner’s Responsibility to be certain that children and persons
unfamiliar with firearms cannot gain access to firearms or ammunition!

Teach Your Children Safe.  Teach Your Children Truth.  Teach Your Children Well.
   Citizen Footnotes:
      Once they have taken our guns...
            "They will proceed to taking every and all our Rights away
            from us as they please. And they will waste no time doing it."
            -©2005 David Lee Ion
      On the Supreme Courts...
            "I for one will not tolerate liberal corruption deciding my fate."
            -©2005 David Lee Ion
      My Soveriegn Unalienable and Inalienable Rights...
            as for me, "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death."
            -Patrick Henry
      God is my Creator, Grantor and Provider...
            No law that man can "legislate" will ever change this.
"Legislation begets Statutory, possibly Rape,
in and of it's purest and original formula."
You have been forewarned. -©2005 David Lee Ion

 Our Citizenship Creed -Responsibility is a prerequisite for Freedom

   "A Citizenship organization based on our great American Heritage and dedicated to educating American Citizens of their historic Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights."
   "We will be Ever Vigilant in the defense of our Republic, Constitution and Ideals set forth by our Country’s Founding Fathers through Education, Knowledge and Wisdom guided by Liberty, Honesty and Equality so help us God."

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