Rights of the People
Citizens of a Founded Republican Government, Working Towards Retaining Our Great Nation. Rights of the People

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  American Revolution file size = 32 MB
  We Must Take America Back file size = 48 MB
  John Wayne - The Hyphen file size = 27 MB
  Charlie Daniels - My Beautiful America file size = 25 MB
  If I Die Before You Wake file size = 44 MB
  Heaven Remix Memorial Video file size = 44 MB
  A Visitor From The Past file size = 40 MB
  John Wayne - An American Boy Grows Up file size = 49 MB
  Corrupt Federal Reserve - Robbing Americans Since 1913 file size = 103 MB
  Joseph's Song - Michael Cord file size = 46 MB
  We The People - The Character of a Nation file size = 26 MB
  U.S. Constitution - Minutemen Militia file size = 81 MB
  Duty Called - Greg Wilson - Vietnam Veterans Song file size = 42 MB
  Mr. Jefferson - The Mike Church Show Band file size = 36 MB
  Muslim Demographics file size = 66 MB
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